Lets Get It

I have pretty overwhelmed with the amount of music, culture, and activism there has been in 2017. We have barely crossed the half way mark.

I will be updating the 2017 Playlist everyday via spotify, FOLLOW MY SPOTIFY! If you have some suggestions for this play list let me know! Only rule is that the song must have a 2017 release date.

If you want some songs on a playlist that are not from 2017 let me know and we can add an additional playlist for viewers choice.

Six Degrees: Who Has Your Soul Touched?

This morning I received a strange FaceBook Message from someone not on my friends list. This person apparently was an old friend of my father’s or so I thought.

She messaged me asking to pass her number on to my dad and to tell him to accept her on Facebook.

My father passed away last year from cancer.


I proceed to inform her that he had passed away. She was in shock. Understandable.

She then confessed that she and my father were past secret lovers and that she loved him dearly. I have never heard of this woman before but I instantly felt for her.

You never know the lives you may touch. She is a grandmother and has a large family, but something in her soul STILL felt connected to my dad.

I pray that she can find some Peace and Happiness when thinking of my father knowing that he is no longer suffering. He is free!